Saturday, February 5, 2011

Makes ya wanna cry

Had a great post planned this week. Was pretty excited about it too.

Until life happened.

The picture pretty much says it all.


No point cryin' over...y'know...the milk thingy.

So figured it would better to post something.

Even if it was me whining about how life wasn't fair and how the powers that be ought to loose a lightning bolt and fry that creep FATE and how if I were running things no one would have to wear those celluloid affirming tights that masquerade as slacks and how this isn't the Star Ship Enterprise and how you ain't Lt. Uhura and

Sigh. Forget it.

Nobody wants to watch a grown woman cry.

Even if she's got the most amazing eyes in the whole wide world.

Not even me.

1 comment:

  1. Whatever brought the tears to your eyes, I hope it's all better now. Sending hugs and prayers for a better week for you.