Thursday, September 22, 2011

Muse Online Conference

Don't know how many of you aspiring authors will be attending the Muse Online Conference year but if you aren't you should consider going.

Though going is a bit a of a stretch, since it's only as far as your internet connection.

The conference is free but registration closes on September 25. So you better hurry! Trust me you won't regret attending. Here's the link (sic- in case you missed it)

The conference has really grown in the six years I've been attending. Not only will you have access to some dynamite workshops and live chats sessions with industry professionals...that's right, editors, agents and publisher...but if you get on the stick and register...the opportunity to pitch to agents and publishers.

My friend Beverly Stowe McClure, multi-published author, you can find her at will be giving a workshop and I'm sure looking forward to it!

Just to give you a taste of the stuff that will be available, tomorrow, I'll be posting an article on deep POV from the Muse Online Conference free stuff page.

See ya then.

Again- deadline to register is September 25 (that's includes pitching sessions too - so hurry, hurry)

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